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onedirection-fan-fiction asked:
Hey :)
I'm writing a 1D fanfiction but only have like 3 followers D:
Could you please help me?:) x

Haii :)

Aw :( i’ll read it :D

And sure :)

liagar-a asked:
i love it your fanfiction, its the best the way it switched with him and her. Iv never read one them that done that, and its the best one iv read! write more more more more

Omg, thank you so so much

tell us what you think so far <3


Chapter 5 :-) (its a bit short o; )

Abi’s povv;

The show was amazing. We were sat so close to the judges. Becca has this weird obsession with Louis Walsh so that was great for her. 

One the way back to Becca’s we could not shutup about the meet and greet.

'But oh my god mum, MATT AND AIDEN KISSED MY CHEEKS ohmygod, I was like there dying! and-'

'Aright Becca!' her mum cut over her. 'What about you Abi, did you get a kiss of Matt and Aiden too?' 

'Nope' I sighed. 

'She was too caught up with lover boy' Becca winked at me.

I groaned slightly.

'I got this really good picture of Cher, and like, I bet people would pay trillions for it because its really good!' Becca said pulling out her camera and shoving it in he mums face.

'Rebecca. I am trying to drive! show me later!'

They dropped me off at mine and i thanked her mum. 

'See you tomorrow!' Becca called through the window and wound it back up.

'Hey sweetie, did you have a good time?' My mum called as I walked through the door.

'Yeah, it was well good. Oh my god i met harry styles' I said jumping up and down.

'Did you get a picture?' My mum smiled.

'Yes its on my phone one minute.' I put my bag on the floor and looked through it, not touching anything that felt like my blackberry. I tipped all my things out of my bag and it wasnt in there.

'I probably left it in Beccas car' I scrunched my nose up. 

'Oh, just call her to bring it tomorrow then' My mum laughed, I was always leaving my phone everywhere.

'Okaaaay!' I picked up the house phone off the side to call beccas mobile.

'Its switched off' I sighed. I'l ring her tomorrow.' I said sitting on the settee and switched the tv on.

lol guise, i will write the next part now,

sozzz, im super lazy and i wasnt allowed on the computer last night so i couldnt then :Q

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m3rmaidscales-deactivated201208 asked:
omg! i love your story :D i think its an amzing idea you had, and i got really into it! please finish it soon cause i want to read more :(

thank you so muchh<33 also, the next part will be whenever she writes it :D x



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foreveronedirection asked:

EEEEP :D thank you so so so much<33

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